Packing For Walt Disney World: Part Two

So following on from my previous post of essential things needed for a holiday in Walt Disney World, this one is about all the personal little bits and pieces I rock when hitting the parks! Each of these can be tailored to suit your own style and tastes.

Be prepared to answer the question ‘Where did you get …?’ ALOT, or have people not so slyly take photos of you as you wait in the queue/ walk around.


I discovered these fun badges last year and was immediately obsessed! I brought a lot of them and gifted some to friends who I went on the trip with. We attached them to our back packs & then after losing a couple (sob) we attached sellotape on the inside of the badges to hold them onto our bags. Check out the amazing selection here and they also take custom orders!



This year the celebration badges have been revamped – so if you are there for a reason be sure to get a badge to let the world know. Also Cast Members will engage you about it and you many even get a sweet treat or two!

Recently the badges have been updated – so instead of 7 individual badges there are now 4. The image below is from Inside The Magic. There is also a Family Reunion badge featuring The Incredibles, however I’m unsure if they are still going to continue those of they will just allow the current stock to run out and make it obsolete.

Sometimes you can even be given special buttons, I received this one after a magical moment with a truly fantastic Cast Member. It was my birthday and the Cast Member spotted me on Main Street sat with friends after the 3 o’ clock parade. He took me by my birthday badge into a store and we all chose some plush friends to sit with on Main Street USA & had some incredible and unique photos taken.


Something I have discovered is a backpack is the far superior choice of bag for days in the park. Keeps your hands free for all the Mickey Premium Bars, Starbucks lattes, Churro popcorn, turkey legs… one can devour! Plus with the right backpack you can take as much or as little as you like. What I pack for a day in the parks will be coming soon.

 The Friends Who Backpack Together, Stick Together


So according to my Health app – on a previous trip we were walking on average between 18-22,000 steps per day!!! I blame Food and Wine for a lot of that. We have been known to lap World Showcase two or three times to go back to our favourite booths. So good quality footwear is critical, my go to is always my Havaiana flip flops, Nike Roshe trainers & two pair of sandals that have kept me going from rope drop to park close.


I love mixing up my style & what I really love is there are so many many choices for tshirts out there, from supporting small shop owners to High Street stores and Disney itself. I now have a vast collection of bags, pyjamas and attire thanks to various places.

Wishes holds a very special place in my heart and when I saw this tshirt by Happily Ever Tees I just had to have it! They open periodically, be sure to follow them on all the usual social media sources to find out when they next open. The tshirt itself is a high quality American Apparel and the print is clear and bold. I can not wait to rock this in Magic Kingdom!

Primark is a store in the UK, Europe and now in the USA. It is an absolute goldmine for Disney fans. Restraint is critical when entering a store, I have an abundance of Disney socks, underwear, pyjamas, bags, make up totes, scarves, jewellery… Seriously it’s crazy how much stuff they have. Obviously this proves to be extremely popular so another reason why I love supporting small stores is to get more obscure pieces.

My most recent purchase is this colourful and bold Rafiki hoodie from Electro Threads. The colours are vivid and bright, the hoodie fits true to size and is thin but high grade. This is not one for the faint hearted who enjoy monochromatic looks.

Disney also sell a lot of their own designs for specific characters, rides, food and shows, some are limited edition for holidays and special occasions. Disney are very astute and know how to appeal to their audience. These tees are just two of my favourite attractions at Magic Kingdom


I do own a couple of pairs of Mickey Ears from Walt Disney World but the choices are limited and who doesn’t want a pair of Baymax or Peter Pan & Co ears?! Just look how gorgeous they are. There are a multitude of sellers but I got my Peter Pan ones from Chaos & Couture, the seller Jennifer was an absolute dream! She answered my questions in a timely manner, she was accommodating and was just so lovely. I would highly recommend her as the ears I received are incredible. Even on the bow the attention to detail is amazing.

The Baymax ears were gifted to me from a friend for my birthday – I will find out where she got them from. Bha-laa-laa


So even though Vinylamtion is still being sold in Disney Parks and in the Disney Store – you can no longer trade within stores anywhere on Disney property NOT HAPPY. 5 years ago when they launched they were a big deal but slowly I guess their popularity dwindled and in comparison to tsum tsum didn’t compare. But to still sell them but without the option to trade is rather infuriating. Does anyone know some way to trade?

However one trading platform that will never disappear is Pin Trading. There are pins for any and every obscure Disney thing you could possibly love and with the collections forever growing it is a dangerous addiction to have. Once you start you will definitely never stop…


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